Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things we have determined today:
  1. Dodge trusts Muirkat emotionally enough to be honest about checking Facebook during a work meeting
  2. New intern Doctor is a good worker
  3. Our groupie Annie is easily frustrated
  4. The guy at the next table WENT TO MESA VERDE and is more than willing to tell everyone within earshot about his extensive knowledge of southwest archeological sites
  5. If Annie had brought a laptop we could chat with her rather than have to talk
  6. Cyrus gets up late, but has a lot of spirit
  7. It would be good to set up a free skool alpha drupal instances
  8. Our barrista is cute in an apron
  9. git is confusing but powerful
  10. Dodge observes that when you are doing work and are about 27 sub-tasks deep, it is difficult to remember what you were doing originally 
  11. If you thought talking loudly on a cell phone in a cafe was irritating, wait until the guy next to you Skypes someone, talking loudly to a small (but loud) tinny voice. "Can you see me?!"  **waves and smiles broadly**