Current Projects

Here are the current projects that UBEW is working on:
  • Basic Secure Public Linux Distro
    A minimal linux distro that can be installed on low-end machines and serve as secure, self-maintaining, locked-down public terminals for infoshops and other radical public spaces. Tools: CentOS or Ubuntu, bash scripting, kickstart or other installation automation
  • Hacktivism Classes
    Though much of technology is well-deserving of critique and scrutiny, we work to shape the new world within the context of the old. Through this series of hacktivism workshops, we provide accessible instruction in various technologies. Tools: various.
  • Generic Free Skool Web Distro
    A generic free skool website template used as a blank slate for projects that want a hosted website solution. Tools: Drupal 7, PHP, MySQL, bash scripting

Past Projects

Here are projects completed (or sometimes abandoned):
  •  SubRosa Public Terminal Coding   
    While SubRosa waits for our Secure Public Linux Distro, they are going crazy over people who sit on the computers forever.  A short term solution was needed, namely a timeout on user logins.  Tools: bash scripting, Ubuntu config
  • Books/Zines/CD Reviews for Infoshops   
    Basic infrastructure for infoshops and radical bookstores to offer reviews and other book site features to their websites in a non-commercial way. (lit.subrosaproject.orgTools: Google Apps Engine, Python, Django templating, Google API, Blogger config, CSS